The Marvelous Sisterhood of Islam

Isn't it amazing that one small gesture can make your day so much better? A smile, a nod saying hello or even a hug upon seeing the one's you love can make you feel better. What's more amazing is a religion where this is part of your everyday life. When I started learning about Islam, one of the first things I learned was how welcoming the sister's were. Even when I didn't know any of them, they always greeted me when they saw me. Some even offered a handshake and a hug. I never felt so welcomed and at the time, I never knew that I was embracing something so special and these strangers will suddenly become some of the best friends I have ever known.

Is Trusting Easy?

I believe in life you meet people for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not a good reason. You might meet someone who will bring you down so low in life or someone who will make you a better person or someone who will make you laugh or smile. It's not easy to trust everyone in your life and sometimes its even hard to know if the one's you trust are the one's you should be trusting or not.

To Wear A Hijab or Not

When I started learning about Islam, I was not fully comfortable about wearing a hijab. I wasn't used to wearing things on my head. I also didn't know how I would look. I felt different and I didn't know the significance of wearing a hijab. This was something I was going to have to get used to.


Creating friendships is a lot easier when you are young. You trust easily and if it's recess time, the more you have the better it is. While in elementary school it didn't matter who was popular, that was something that was created when you got into middle school. In elementary school you looked for someone who was fun to hang out with, someone who you can laugh with.

Love Is Not Easy

My husband has been so wonderful. I have been blessed to have met such a guy. When people hear how we met they tell me that it was meant for us to be together. Either way, the time I have spent with him has been wonderful. I can't imagine my life without him.

Converting to Islam

I recently talked about how changing religions can be challenging but it is also necessary for some. Converting to Islam was something I had decided to do once I was introduced to it. When my husband had talked to me about Islam I knew I had to make a choice for the sake of my family. I sure am glad I picked Islam as my religion.

Trying different religions

Converting religions isn't easy. It does take a lot of discipline to change your way's when you have always known it to be one way since you were born. I was raised in a Catholic home. I did everything a Catholic was supposed to do: getting baptized as an infant, making my first holy communion, and finally my confirmation when I was older. I had volunteered as a confirmation teacher but while volunteering I had started to question my faith again. There was something missing, things didn't make any sense. But that wasn't the first time that I had questioned the religion I was growing up with.

Love Letters

I love "love letters". They always bring a smile and I feel better when I read it. I am blessed to know that a love letter from my daughter or my husband or my mom can make my day much better when I read it. It shows me the love they have for me and it brings back memories.

Having Affairs

I don't understand why couples have affairs. I really think that if you are cheating on your spouse you are being dishonest with him or her. Dishonesty is a huge issue in marriages. Being dishonest with your spouse is being dishonest with yourself. Why would anyone want to live such guilt on their shoulders?

Why I Love My Mom

When my mom passed away in July of 2000, it was heartbreaking. I couldn't imagine my life without the one woman who I always looked up too. She was a strong woman. Every morning she woke up before dawn and started her way to work. I have gone to work with her a few times as part of the "Take Your Kid's To Work Day". I never realized how hard she worked until I went to work with her for a day. My feet hurt, I was tired, my arms hurt as well. She was a baker. All day long at the Marriott she was on her feet making all sorts of baked goods so that those who were staying there can enjoy something sweet. When she came home, her job wasn't done. She still had to take care of her own kids and cook dinner. Isn't it funny how you never appreciate the little things your mom does for you when you are small?

Ways To Encourage Education In Your Household

**Recently Published in the Albuquerque Journal On March 24, 2012 in Op-Ed section Page A7**

1. Set An Example. To encourage your children to do well in their education, you have to be the prime example. Talk to them about your achievements when you were in school or clubs you joined. Your children look up to you and admire you, you have to set the example.

Bullying and Your Children

Bullying has become more and more serious over the years, even to the extent as suicide. As parents, we need to be responsible for our children's actions and the way they behave. We need to teach our children values and morals. You can't just say "oh they are just kids, let them play". You might think its OK but that other child who is being bullied or harassed might think otherwise.

Children and Education

Raising children is never easy. I have always found myself in situations wondering what I should do or when am I going to teach them certain things. I've been very blessed to have my two children; they have made me proud and much more appreciative of things. My children have taught me to be patient, loving, caring, and gentle and more understanding. They teach me as much as I teach them. Children have such a wonderful imagination. They say silly things and do funny acts. When we raise our children to be moral and caring they are on the right way to be a wonderful adult and excellent future parents. 

Date Night With Your Spouse

Spending time alone with your spouse is very important to increase the bond between the two of you. Taking that alone time with no kids, no friends, no family is a way for the two of you to share your affection for each other. Sometimes we might not have the money to spend or the time allotted. Let's face it, we are all busy and have bills to pay. Taking simple dates can increase your bond and affection for each other therefore increasing your love for one another.


Marriage is not easy and it takes a lot of work and dedication to the one you love. Its a true commitment you make with another person. Being husband and wife is a great blessing and shouldn't be taken lightly. Some people search and search for the one person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, some don't ever find that person. I might not be a marriage counselor but I do try my best as a wife to keep my marriage going strong and I might not be the best of wives but I do what I can.