Ways To Encourage Education In Your Household

**Recently Published in the Albuquerque Journal On March 24, 2012 in Op-Ed section Page A7**

1. Set An Example. To encourage your children to do well in their education, you have to be the prime example. Talk to them about your achievements when you were in school or clubs you joined. Your children look up to you and admire you, you have to set the example.

2. Encourage Reading. Its even better if you read together. Children actually do love books, especially when the parents are enjoying the book with them. Reading helps expands the imaginations and reading books actually helps improve grades.

3. Writing. Encourage your children to write their own stories is a way for them to be proud of their own work. This helps increase a sense of accomplishment and improve necessary writing skills that is important and critical when they grow older.

4. After School Clubs and Activities. Getting them involved in school activities will keep them on track to better grades and friendships. Get them involved in something they are interested in and encourage them to also try something new otherwise they may never know if they will like it or not. Usually these clubs require good grades and helps encourages them to do well in school.

5. Do Homework Together. Watching them and getting involved when they are doing homework makes your child aware that you are involved in their education. This helps them do better so they can impress you and keep those good grades.

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6. Incentives and Rewards For Good Grades. When your child comes home with excellent report cards you should reward them. Rewarding them is encouraging them to continue to do well in school. The reward doesn't have to be much, maybe bake them their favorite cookies or pizza. Something as simple as their favorite food is an excellent way to show them how you appreciate their hard work and that its not going unnoticed.

7.  Create Games. If your child is struggling with math or any subject, find some games to help them improve. Your child is probably frustrated when they have a hard time with a certain subject but when you as a parent assist them and find alternatives to help them understand it helps your child with the confidence they need to improve.

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8. Show Them Different Career Paths. I loved going to work with my mom when I was young. It helped me understand and appreciate the work she did every single day. Even ask a friend or neighbors if they can talk to your child about the type of work they do so that when your child is about to enter the world of working they are prepared  and they will study hard to get where they want to be.

9. Have Lunch With Them. Every now and then, take an extra lunch break and go eat lunch with your child. My kids love it. This will help them appreciate you as their parent and as their teacher.

10. The Earlier The Better. Teaching your child even as young as a newborn will help them grow up to be intelligent and social. Having excellent social skills is needed to get an excellent job and do well in school. Even a newborn is learning about their new environment and they will continue to learn every single day. Encourage their learning and social skills starting when they are born so that they can grow up to be successful.


11. Write them notes. My kids love it when I put a little letter in their lunch box. I don't make it fancy or anything, just a simple letter encouraging them to keep doing well in school. Believe or not, she has kept every letter I wrote her and it has helped her have a great day in school. Simple notes with a simple picture to your child is a great surprise and they will love it and sometimes they will write you a note back.


  1. This is a great article! Sometimes with our busy lives we forget what's important in life and we don't take time out for our kids anymore. I feel that even though we parents might not know the answers to the questions our children are asking us for help with, just being there for them and getting involved is what helps them succeed. Just knowing that we've "got their back," gives them the confidence to keep looking for the answers. You're right on the money with this one, Zen. I love it!


  2. When will America's 40 year old education problem be fixed? Will we become a 3rd world country with 3rd rate education system and students that are essentially illiterate? I found this book to be an eye- opener. It is written by a retired educator. Can we ever get back to common sense education ? It's well worth reading: "America's Biggest Hoax," available on Amazon or Kindle